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Environmental Health and Safety Directors

As an Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Director, your overall responsibility is ensuring safety in the workplace and company compliance through coordinating, administering and implementing comprehensive programs in occupational, industrial and environmental safety.

An EHS Director will respond to reported accidents to evaluate current best practices and recommend changes where necessary. The EHS Director may supervise several direct reports, including administrative staff and safety specialists; lead and direct, plan work schedules, assign or delegate work on a daily basis, develop and mentor employees and take corrective actions when necessary as well as manage overall compliance responsibilities for all company regional offices. An EHS Director must routinely and clearly communicate expectations, measurement and performance of the company safety culture to all employees.




You have a limited budget and overwhelming requirements, so your training solution needs to be as cost-effective as possible.

Pay-As-You-Go or Subscription

ClickSafety can create flexible, timely solutions for any budget, large or small. You can start small with our Pay-As-You-Go service and then scale your solution with a Subscription as your safety training needs grow.

Show Value

Aside from being cost-effective, you need to show Upper Management and/or your Insurance Association that your safety solution provides a strong value in promoting work site safety.

Custom Safety Messaging

ClickSafety allows you to customize your safety training portal to showcase your safety culture. Your employees can self-register for training and will be shown your safety message every time they login to take their safety training. When your EMR rate decreases and you empower employees to say "No" to unsafe conditions while arming them with the awareness and training they need to be productive and safe, your CEO/President and Insurance provider will see the value of safety training!

Large Workforce and Multiple Vendors

You have a large and diverse workforce across many geographic areas, including Subcontractors, and your regulation content is critical.

World Class E-Learning Platform

ClickSafety offers platform solutions available 24/7/365 in both English and Spanish. Our e-learning platform can deliver and track training completions efficiently. Our training programs are created by accredited Subject Matter Experts (SME) in accordance with the most recent compliance regulations.

ClickSafety - A Trusted Safety Partner

ClickSafety has developed and deployed safety solutions to over 10,000 organizations worldwide, including Fortune 100/500 customers, global construction companies and leading technology companies. Here are some of the companies who use our safety solutions.

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