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As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or President, your responsibilities include developing and implementing high-level strategies, making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company and demonstrating safety leadership. In this role, it is imperative to lead by example by exercising the five critical components of safety leadership, including field presence, effective communication, feedback, accountability and bench-marking. Safety Leadership by example is critical in keeping EMR rates, OSHA recordables and zero incident philosophy.

The role of the CEO/President may vary from one company to another depending on its size and organization. In smaller companies, the CEO/President will often have a much more hands-on role in safety. However, in larger companies, the CEO/President deals with only the higher-level strategy of the company and directing its overall growth, with most other tasks delegated to managers and departments who are responsible for overall safety and employee training. The CEO/President should always routinely communicate and stress their company’s safety mission statement and culture to all of their employees to ensure safety leadership.



Project Budget Constraints

You need to deliver projects on or under budget to keep your company in the black, which means making sure safety incidents don’t raise your insurance rates or create adverse litigation.

Safety Training Consolidation

ClickSafety can help you mitigate serious injury and illness on a project, ensure compliance and reduce the risk of OSHA fines by consolidating all of your safety training into a branded safety portal with on-demand reporting. You’ll achieve a lower EMR, which will reduce your insurance rates and strengthen your relationship with your insurance carrier.

Attracting Top Talent

How do you demonstrate your safety culture when trying to recruiting top talent, who are increasingly focused on your safety strategy, into your organization?

Personalized Safety Culture

ClickSafety solutions can showcase your individual safety culture within a branded portal that shows you’re a safety-conscious company. Customized training courses can be tailored to meet your specific site needs and cross-employee record-keeping lets an employee’s safety training follow them to their new job.

Reducing Your Total Cost of Risk (TCOR)

You want to build a stellar reputation in your industry by reducing your Total Cost of Risk, promoting your safety culture and improving your overall safety record.

Custom Safety Courses & Safety Messages

ClickSafety can create a custom solution that best represents your company’s safety culture, including custom safety training courses representing your specific needs and custom safety messaging, all delivered within a company-branded safety portal.

ClickSafety - A Trusted Safety Partner

ClickSafety has developed and deployed safety solutions to over 10,000 organizations worldwide, including Fortune 100/500 customers, global construction companies and leading technology companies. Here are some of the companies who use our safety solutions.

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