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Contractors Safety & Health Pack

    Contractors Safety & Health Pack

    Course Overview

    Save $105.00 when you purchase the Contractors Safety & Health Pack which will help you implement, maintain or modify your company's safety culture. Receive over 8-hours of online safety training that is structured to keep you up-to-date on the latest job site safety protocols and procedures.

    This Safety Pack includes the following 6 management-level courses:
    • OSHA Compliance (1-Hour)
    • Competent Person (45-Min)
    • Conducting Tailgate Meetings (40-Min)
    • Leading Cultural Change (1-Hour) - Earn 0.1 CEU!
    • Contractor's Safety & Health Program (1-Hour)
    • Health & Safety Leadership (4-Hours)

    Intended Audience

    This Contractors Safety & Health Pack is designed for Construction company Contractors, Management, Superintendents, Foremen, Subcontractor Management, Construction Managers and others with leadership responsibility with respect to nearly all construction related operations.

    • Construction Contractors
    • Construction Foremen
    • Construction Supervisors
    • Construction Superintendents
    • Construction Subcontractor Managers
    • Construction Managers
    • Any Construction Worker with Leadership Responsibility

    Learning Objectives by Course

    OSHA Compliance

    This OSHA Compliance course focuses on ways to prevent and minimize occupational fatalities, injuries and illnesses. It is important that a supervisor is able to take action to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, analyze and protect employee safety and health according to the OSHA Act.

    • Introduction to OSHA Compliance
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Standards
    • Inspections
    • Appeals and Requirements
    • Reporting and Other Issues
    • Final Considerations about OSHA Compliance

    Competent Person

    This Competent Person (CP) course focuses on construction and construction-related activities that comply with Federal OSHA requirements. The Competent Person training will teach you factors needed to reach competent person status.

    • Overview of Competent Person (CP)
    • General Requirements
    • Naming a Competent Person
    • Competent Person Responsibilities
    • California and Other States

    Conducting Tailgate Meetings

    This Conducting Tailgate Meetings course has both impact and purpose. You will learn how to create a powerful and informative tailgate meeting to improve the safety and health of workers, and teach workers to be more aware of the hazards on their particular work site. Tailgate meetings are crucial as they follow OSHA’s General Duty Clause for allowing workers to learn how to reduce injuries, recognize health and safety hazards, and use equipment safely and properly.

    • Identifying Potential Trainers
    • Determine what Training is Needed
    • Preparing for a Tailgate training Session
    • How to Conduct a Tailgate Meeting
    • Following Up and Evaluating the Session
    • Making Improvements on the Training Methods and Content

    Leading Cultural Change - Earn 0.1 CEU!

    ClickSafety's Award-Winning Leading Cultural Change course addresses the importance of changing the safety culture in the construction industry. Discussions include past and current safety performance, cultural challenges in the construction industry and protecting yourself through personal responsibility to change the current culture. We will also outline the roles of both the workforce and management in improving the current culture within your company and the industry.

    • History of Safety
    • Construction Safety Today
    • General Duty Clause
    • What Causes Injuries
    • Unsafe Conditions
    • Unsafe Acts
    • Changing the Culture
    • Safety Leadership Skills

    Contractors Safety & Health Program

    This Contractors Safety and Health Program course reviews and clarifies the citation policy that OSHA has adopted. This citation policy relates to construction employer policies, procedures and programs. This training will review the information and tools used for evaluating employer's safety and health programs using OSHA’s multi-employer work site rule.

    • Overview of Contractors Safety & Health
    • OSHA Instruction STD 3-1.1
    • Safety and Health Program
    • Tools for Program Assessment
    • Program Assessment
    • Worksite Analysis Assessment
    • Assessing Hazard Prevention/Control
    • Safety and Health Training Assessment
    • Safety and Health Program
    • Multi-employer Work Site Rule

    Health & Safety Leadership

    Health and Safety Leadership will inform you of management's roles and responsibilities for promoting safe work habits and a safe environment on the job site. The specific objectives of this training are to provide you with an understanding of the supervisor and foreman’s role in safety, an understanding of leadership, suggestions on motivation and communication, suggestions for conducting safety meetings and methods for recognizing safety hazards.

    • Introduction to Health and Safety Leadership
    • Basics of Leadership
    • Communication and Motivation
    • Developing a Positive Safety Culture
    • Conducting Safety Meetings
    • Liability of Supervisors and Foremen
    • Identification of Hazards
    • Mitigation of Hazards
    • Specific Hazards
    • Specific Safety Issues
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