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General Industry Electrical & Confined Space Hazards Safety Pack

    General Industry Electrical & Confined Space Hazards Safety Pack

    Safety Pack Overview

    This General Industry Electrical & Confined Space Hazards Safety Pack contains 90-minutes of safety training for employees, supervisors and managers in the General Industry sector, and is applicable for those working in Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution and Property Management. You'll learn to recognize electrical hazards and prevent them with Lock-Out/Tag-Out procedures. You'll also learn about OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146, Confined Space Entry Permits for General Industry and how to recognize, evaluate and control physical hazards found in confined spaces.

    The 2 online safety courses included in this Safety Pack are:

    • Electrical Safety and LOTO (1-Hour)
    • Confined Spaces Awareness for General Industry (30-Min)

    Intended Audience

    The General Industry Electrical & Confined Space Hazards Safety Pack is intended to benefit all employees, supervisors and managers who may come into contact with electricity during their job or who may be entering and working in confined spaces, including the following General Industry sectors:

    • Manufacturing
    • Warehousing and Distribution
    • Property Management

    Safety Pack Learning Objectives

    Electrical Safety and LOTO

    This intermediate online safety course covers the lockout/tagout (LOTO) safety procedures to use when working with electrical equipment. This course will teach you to recognize electrical hazards and to understand how LOTO safety can affect you. You will learn the importance of ensuring that hazardous electrical energy sources are identifiable, secured and prevented from injuring anybody. This electrical safety course also explains which forms of personal protective equipment (PPE) are appropriate for working around electricity.

    Course Topics

    • Basics of Electricity
    • Basic Electrical Safety
    • Electrical Hazards
    • Safe Work Practices
    • Circuit Protection Devices
    • Equipment Design
    • Protective Equipment
    • Control of Electrical Energy
    • Methods of Isolation
    • Energy Control Program
    • Working With Electricity

    Confined Spaces Awareness

    Confined Spaces Awareness for General Industry is an introductory online course that reviews safety techniques for working in a confined space. Topics covered in this confined spaces training include: the basics of OSHA's confined space regulation 29 CFR 1910.146, confined space entry (CSE) permits and recognizing, evaluating and controlling confined space physical hazards.

    The confined space entry team includes a supervisor, an attendant and response personnel whose job is to help the workers to enter, work in the space and then exit safely. The CSE permit identifies conditions under which the space may be entered, known hazards and necessary preparation for them, the required equipment for entry and work, the CSE team members and the testing requirements and authorizations. In addition, this course discusses monitoring equipment, PPE and rescue equipment.

    Course Topics

    • Introduction to Confined Spaces
    • Confined Spaces Awareness
    • Emergency Response
    • Confined Spaces Drill
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